Mavis is on tenterhooks, expecting Len to replace her with Deirdre. Len and Ray ignore Jerry's rota and carry on as normal. The yard only has one job on for a Mr Wharton. Len agrees to do it whilst the others advertise for new business. Deirdre makes up leaflets for the men to deliver. In hospital, Stan has become fast friends with Ronnie Barnes, especially since he shared his bottle of wine. Len lays on the charm with Mavis, telling her she's his number one employee, which succeeds in mollifying her. Hilda shames the residents for not visiting Stan even though he's not bothered. Tricia and Gail get Jerry and Ray to help them decorate the flat. Bet cooks Len a meal. He's about to leave when he remembers the yard job but ends up staying with her instead. The Bishops are guilted into seeing Stan but when they get there he's with the doctor. Minnie later visits him as well, bringing him the sports pages. Rita has a rotten birthday as only Terry Bates remembers. Bet doesn't turn up for her shift at the Rovers. Mavis gets a bottle of vodka for Rita as a last-minute present only for Rita to walk in while she's buying it. The residents sing Happy Birthday to her. Billy gives Jerry and Ray ales for doing the decorating rather than Gail and Tricia as they did the work. Mr Wharton cancels the job and gives it to another firm when Len doesn't turn up. Ray and Jerry are furious when they catch him at No.9 having slept with Bet.


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