Tricia and Gail prepare for their flat-warming. Rita reveals Harold Digby sent the gifts. She rings him up and tells him to stop it. Annie gets Hilda worried that Stan has picked up a virus. She rings the doctor. Len gets it out of Mavis that Digby sent the presents by making a play for her, scaring her out of her wits. Dawn Digby arrives at the Rovers in a flash car, to the men's excitement. She tells Rita that Harold always sends presents to attractive women but that they have a happy marriage. The doctor thinks Stan should have a check-up in hospital. Jeff Lee and Tim Russell, Tricia and Gail's boyfriends, drink at the Rovers while they wait for the party to start. Blanche, Deirdre, Alf, Albert, Rita, Hilda, Annie and Ken are the girls' guests. Jerry doesn't go as it'd remind him of Sheila's party where he made a fool of himself. Deirdre gets Ken to dance with her. Jeff and Tim decide to give the party a miss when Ray warns them that most of the guests will be in their seventies. They change their minds when Tricia comes to the Rovers to fetch them. Grindrods pulls out of a yard order and Len fears bankruptcy. Ray thinks one of them will have to leave the firm. Albert gets drunk on sangria at the party.


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  • This episode had an unusual ending in that once the end credits and music had finished, there was a short epilogue scene of Tricia Hopkins leading boyfriend Jeff Lee from the party into what they thought was an empty room only to find Albert Tatlock already there drunk on sangria. He belched, said "pardon", and the episode proper came to an end.
  • TV Times synopsis: Tricia and Gail throw a party - and Rita gets a visitor.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,700,000 homes (6th place).
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