Florrie closes the shop early for a date with Rep Lawrence. Annie is pleased with the work at the Rovers but is sad that they'll never own their own home. Len picks up his early Sunday paper from a mate at the newspaper office. Annie is puzzled when Jack and Albert call it the Irish edition. Florrie worries that she's gone about it the wrong way by asking Lawrence out to the theatre but Elsie praises her for taking the initiative. Frank goes along to Will Any Gentleman? at the local repertory theatre with a friend from work and his wife as he wants to get out more often. Florrie bumps into Harry outside the theatre and pretends she's waiting for a friend. Harry cottons on and tells the regulars in the Rovers. Len shows Harry a surprising article in the paper but they keep the details to themselves. Albert hears from Frank's colleague Fred Willis that his wife is poorly and they're staying at home. He's too late to pass the message onto Frank before he sets off. Florrie and Frank are both stood up so they go to a cafe together and enjoy each other's company. Ken thinks about buying a scooter. The Walkers get a phone call from a reporter and receive a telegram from Billy telling them not to believe all they read. Len shows them the report in his paper:

"Miss Philippa Scopes, the well-known Finsbury Beauty Queen, is abandoning her career to marry. Miss Scopes' agent, Mr. Ricky Dennis gave the name of the lucky man as Mr William Walker the son of a North country publican".

Annie refuses to believe it.


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