Det. Chief Insp. Patterson comes to the Community Centre to question Albert about his evidence. Exhibiting great patience he manages to pin down the time he heard the scream as being 1.35pm. Albert also gives a guarded agreement that it was Len’s voice he heard. Deirdre hears a description of Lynn Johnson and realises she saw her at the yard. Morbid sensation-seekers come into the Rovers to be near the scene of the crime. Patterson takes Jerry through Len’s statement while Phillips questions Ray again. Patterson thinks Len is lying to him about where he was working when Jerry says the tender was delivered prior to dinnertime. The police get Ray to say that Len is hard-fisted. They finish their work at No. 9. Bet is angry when Alf is half-hearted in his support of Len. Len admits he told Jerry and Ray a lie about the tender to get them off his back. Deirdre is called in for questioning by Phillips. Patterson lets Ray and Jerry go. Deirdre acts dumb with Phillips until he threatens her with the law and she admits to seeing Lynn in the yard. Patterson gets angry as he takes Len through the discrepancies in his statement. Bet starts to get angry when no one stands up for Len. Rita cooks for Ray and Jerry to stop them being gossiped over by going in the Rovers. Lyle brings Roy Johnson in. He tells Patterson that Lynn was trying to finish a romance with Len but he wouldn't let her go. Clifford Fenton, the lodger, denies seeing Len. Patterson tries to get Len to admit to hitting Lynn.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Will evidence from Len's friends and neighbours get him off the hook?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,750,000 homes (3rd place). This was the highest-rated episode of the year.
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