The intruder turns out to be a little boy. Len and Harry drag him inside and rough him up while his three mates flee. Minnie recognises him as Billy Makin, a young lad who used to live near her, and calms him down. Jack and Albert make out to Annie that they took on gangsters. Billy tells the residents of how the Black Hand Gang have been meeting in the house after he stole his dad's key which he got from the estate agent. The brewery passes the alterations to the Rovers and Len starts knocking about. Elsie refuses to go on another blind date with Florrie. Concepta wants a change and gets Harry to move the furniture around at No.7. Jack, Frank and Minnie help Albert at the allotment. On holiday from Bessie Street School, Ken helps Len out at the Rovers in order to gain insight into the building trade for his novel. As they're knocking down a wall in the select, they hear Martha and Annie talking about them and pretend to have a heated argument to see their reaction. Minnie disappears at the allotment and is found sleeping in a shed by Albert and Martha. Len and Ken amuse themselves at the others' expense. Annie asks Harry to intervene before they come to blows but he finds them acting like the best of friends. Elsie discovers that the blind date was a real looker. Martha backs Annie up but nobody believes that Len and Ken were fighting. Len announces in the Rovers that Nellie has returned to him.


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