Ray forgets to set the alarm resulting in the builders oversleeping. Jerry refuses to make their breakfasts after Len and Ray stay up to 4am playing cards. A pigeon lands on Albert's outside lavatory roof. He adopts the bird and names it Gilbert. Ray tells Jerry that Mavis is getting married. Jerry doesn't believe him until Deirdre says she heard it from Rita. Betty and Maggie realise they're going to have to tell Gordon the truth. Battered wife Lynn Johnson asks Len for help. He offers to put her in touch with an organisation that can help her but she refuses to contact them or the police as then her husband Roy would know she's been blabbing. He wants to help and asks her to come back if she needs someone to talk to. Albert decides to build a pigeon cote and asks Ray for materials and advice. He's hoping that Ray will volunteer to make up the cote for him but Ray doesn't take the bait. On Deirdre's advice, Albert asks Jerry for help. Jerry agrees to build it free of charge. Ken tells Maggie that the twins aren't missing him. Having heard from Alf that racing pigeons can be worth up to one thousand pounds, Stan tries to get Albert interested in racing Gilbert and goes in 50-50 with him. Albert makes out that Jerry charged him £4 for the cote and cons Stan out of £2. Maggie tells Gordon that Betty is his mother.


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