With Ena back in St Annes, Minnie and Eddie settle down. Carlos doesn't want to use his bedsit to entertain Mavis as he's conscious of his bed. Rita lets them use The Kabin flat. Eddie and Bet's dates continue to be cancelled as Bet keeps being called into work. He refuses to go back to Walton until he's slept with Bet. Hilda thinks Eddie has the power of foresight as he knew about the blackout before it happened. Eddie tells everyone he's in the army. Nobby Harris stores some stolen goods of tinned ham in Minnie's coal hole. Eddie tells her that he won it at bingo. The Bishops don't plan to foster again in the immediate future. Annie lets Bet have the night off to meet Eddie. Nobby tells Eddie that someone has told the police about the break-in and local villain Big Arthur thinks he's the snitch. Eddie has to drop Bet to face his accuser. Annie has Blanche over for a New Year drink. Annie tells her that they must ensure they get the kind of wedding they want. Eddie protests his innocence to Big Arthur, who communicates by clicking his fingers which Nobby translates into English. Carlos asks Mavis to marry him. Bet realises she's been stood up.


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Hilda Ogden: "It was very romantical though wasn't it, putting them lights out on Christmas night. Even Stan got fruity, bless 'im."
Billy Walker: "That's because 'e couldn't see who 'e was with."

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