Elsie joins Harry and Ken searching No.9. They find a candle in the back room which Elsie denies leaving there. Len surprises them and takes the mickey out of Elsie for thinking the house has a ghost. The men dismiss the noises Elsie heard as the rumblings of the old building. Albert is granted an allotment. Martha finds a bottle of milk outside No.9 in the morning but when she brings Albert over to show him it's nowhere to be found. Minnie later sees a letter sticking outside the house's letterbox. Annie waits excitedly to hear from the brewery about alterations to the Rovers. Ken, Minnie and Martha check the letter and discover it's a circular for free soap powder but the address on it is streets away. Martha reads a message written on it: "See you tonight". Harry leaves Concepta on her own during a storm while he goes to the football with Len. She and Elsie hear banging sounds from No.9. Elsie is sure that someone is inside and goes in alone. There, she feels something grab her and screams, but it turns out to be her coat catching on the door handle. Concepta and Annie rush over, armed with a poker. The women explore the house and find the milk bottle on the table, along with a note reading "Coming back. Help yourself. Billy". A panicked Annie returns to the safety of the Rovers. Elsie nearly crowns Minnie with the poker when she enters looking for a missing Bobby. Jack and Albert arrive as backup after being sent by Annie. Harry and Len arrive home and hear the activity from No.9. Len enters through the back to clobber the intruder and catches someone in the backing.


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