The neighbours hear strange noises from No.9. They presume that it's either Elsie cleaning or Harry putting a new bolt on Linda's back gate but Florrie sees them both out in the street. Florrie borrows Elsie's jewellery for a second date with Lawrence, the biscuit sales rep. Martha believes that new people have moved into No.9 after a friend of hers sees the postman delivering letters there. Ena dismisses the idea as she'd have known about it. Concepta hears creaking sounds from next door and grows frightened when Harry tells her that Elsie was at the shop at the time so can't have been making the racket. Harry suggests that a mate of Len's who is interested in the house is looking around it. The neighbours confer and realise none of them can account for the noises as Harry hasn't started work on the bolt yet and Len's friend is in Birmingham. They're shocked when Minnie treats it as a known fact that they have new neighbours. Concepta and Elsie are hurt when no one believes they can hear noises. The paper carries reports of a night prowler. Jed Stone looks for Dennis at No.11 and posts a note through the door after hearing he's in London. He frightens Martha by telling her that Jack the Ripper's grandson is hiding out inside No.9. Minnie reads Ena's fortune and predicts trouble coming her way. Minnie sees a candle light on in No.9 prompting Harry and Ken to enter the house to investigate.


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  • First appearance of Jed Stone since 1st November 1961. He was the second member of the regular cast to appear after the Equity actors' strike although this was only a short cameo appearance and not a full return until 5th November 1962.
  • TV Times synopsis: Concepta and Elsie are disturbed by curious noises that seem to be coming from the empty house next door. But the regulars in the Rover's Return have a logical explanation - until Minnie sees something through a window which calls for immediate investigation. The problem is - did Minnie really see it?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,379,000 homes (1st place).
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