Blanche advises Deirdre to fight Ray back. Sheila Crossley plans to throw a party to show her appreciation to the Bishops. Deirdre hates working with Ray. Blanche is angry when he makes her cry and slaps Ray in the Rovers for harassing Deirdre. Jerry wants to take Mavis to the party but she isn't sure about going. Bet enters 'Find the Football' in the Gazette and ropes in some of the girls when Len insinuates a woman could never win it. Billy rings Deirdre to say that he'll be home tomorrow. Ray spikes Jerry's pale ale with vodka. Rita flirts with Ken to make Len angry. To Mavis's horror, a drunken Jerry gives a speech, saying how much Sheila means to him. Mavis runs out and Jerry is sick. Annie is annoyed to hear from Blanche that Billy has phoned Deirdre as well as her and even more put out when Blanche hints that wedding bells are in the offing.


Regular cast

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Notable dialogue

Blanche Hunt: "Mr Langton?"
Ray Langton: "The one and only."
Blanche Hunt: "I'm Deirdre's mother. I've got something for you".
Ray Langton: "Something for me?" (Blanche slaps him) "What the hell were that for?"
Blanche Hunt: "Oh, that's just for starters. If you want another one, just try picking on Deirdre again."

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