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It's Easter Monday and Harry polishes his car prior to the Walkers and the Hewitts going off to Lyme Park for a picnic in it. David Barlow is in the area as his London team is playing Weatherfield County FC. Florrie causes surprise when she announces she's going out with two men that night. Annie likes the idea of Jack taking up golf as she thinks the social scene around it is nice. Florrie invites Elsie along with her to a dinner dance at Belle Vue with Lawrence, her biscuit sales rep, and a friend of his. Annie isn't pleased that Len is joining them on the picnic. Elsie reluctantly agrees to go with Florrie. The picnic party arrive at their destination and park near a lake. Martha and Minnie take Ena out in Amy Carlton's old bath chair to the park. Concepta returns to the car for her mac and watches aghast as it rolls away into the lake. The ladies enjoy the brass band in the park, particularly when it plays The Hallelujah Chorus. The menfolk push the car out of the lake. Elsie isn't pleased to hear that her date for the night has gold teeth and is surprised that Florrie's is married, though his wife has spent over a year in hospital and knows of their friendship. Frank takes a bored Ken along to watch the football match. Minnie and Martha leave Ena to go to a tea shop. While they're in there a storm breaks out and Ena gets drenched. Rain also interrupts the picnic. Florrie gets tiddly while Elsie's partner treads on her feet when they dance. The picnic party leave Lyme Park and on the way to a country pub that Annie knows the car breaks down near Chapel-en-le-Frith. They are all forced to walk for help.


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Minnie Caldwell: "Isn't Cliff Richard a lovely chubby lad." (Hearing this comment famously prompted the singer to go on a diet, which he has stuck to ever since.)

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