Hilda longs for a holiday, especially when Tommy, Dirty Dick and Michael Ryan write to Stan from Majorca. Pollard thinks Ken is already beaten as the staff won't get a union under any circumstances. Deirdre is enjoying being in a relationship that no one knows about. Ken meets the warehouse girls, including Peggy, Ivy, Edna, Gaynor Burton, Maureen Hicks and Jean Wilkins. He warns them that if they got a union their pay would drop to the basic union rate and there would be no advantages. Peggy doesn't agree and debates with him. They accuse each other of being entrenched in their positions. Stan tries to organise a biking tour and arranges to buy two bikes from Billy. Hilda thinks he's barmy. Deirdre is short with Ray when he tries to cuddle her. The girls vote to strike until they get union representation. Stan chickens out of going cycling and tells Billy to forget the bikes. Alf tells Ken that Peggy is up for a union job and will probably get it if she succeeds at the warehouse. Ray is in the garage when Deirdre meets Billy for a date and surmises that they're now an item.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Will Deirdre and Billy manage to keep their "friendship" a secret?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 5,287,000 homes (16th place). Of the episodes which appeared within the top twenty, this August Bank Holiday Monday episode had the lowest audience figures of the year.
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