Ken eats with the warehouse workers to gauge their opinions on employee matters. He finds out that the staff, including Vera Duckworth, are very dissatisfied and want a union. With Sir Julius Berlin visiting a shoe factory, Edward Pollard is in charge at the warehouse. He and Ken disagree over the union, with Ken in favour. Billy gets Deirdre to help out at the Rovers when Bet goes to the hospital. Rita and Jimmy Graham return, shocking everyone as they thought Rita had gone away with Len. The workers refuse to be pushed around by the management and threaten a strike when one of the girls' terms and conditions is changed. Pollard calls Sir Julius, who tells Ken it's up to him to sort everything out. Jealous of Rita's success with men, Mavis considers a new hairdo. Billy runs Deirdre back home and meets her mother, Blanche Hunt. He kisses Deirdre.


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Annie Walker (about Billy Walker): “If he promised you the moon, you make sure you get it in writing.”


Deirdre Hunt (about Blanche Hunt): “It's what she does, corset fitting. Parlour's full of 'em. It's like living with a load of zeppelins.”

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