Bet warns Betty she'll end up doing Hilda's job as well as her own. The Ogdens pack to move to the Community Centre and agree to sell No.13 to Jimmy Graham for £2,500. He gives them a cheque for 10%. Gail takes a polaroid of Tricia and Ray in an embarrassing pose. The Town Hall turns the Ogdens down at the last minute because of their record with the Health Inspector. Betty tells Annie she won't work mornings, forcing Annie to do the cleaning at the Rovers herself. Rita is annoyed when Len becomes heavy over her seeing Jimmy. She gives her engagement ring back to Len. The Bishops tell the Ogdens they haven't got the jobs. Granny finds the polaroid. Hilda weeps as her dreams are shattered again. She is touched when Annie gives her her job back for more money. Rita lets Jimmy stay the night.


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