Annie goes into a hysterical panic when Winnie Gregson, the relief barmaid that Billy has employed, is late. Betty all but throws Hilda out of the Corner Shop when she comes in nosying after Maggie. Jerry delivers a present from Alf, with a message that he won't be coming to the wedding. Len remembers his own wedding almost exactly twenty-five years before. Albert complains about the state the Community Centre hall will be in after the reception. Stan tries to swipe an early drink from behind the bar but Hilda stops him. Vera and Tricia Hopkins call in to the Corner Shop wondering if they can have the key to look round later on. Ray tries to get a word with Tricia but her mother intervenes. Before they leave for the church, Gordon wishes Maggie all the luck in the world. Winnie turns up at the last minute and her first customer is a doleful Alf. Maggie and Ron exchange their vows and then return to the street for the reception. The Hopkins show Megan Hopkins round the shop. She thinks it's pokey. Jerry tries to help Mavis with a stuck zip but tears it instead. Len goes into the Rovers to find Alf who is half-drunk and refuses to come to the reception. Billy, Ray and Bet make fun of Jerry and Mavis's embarrassment. Maggie gives them the key to the shop to get the dress repaired. Megan thinks they could get the shop for a bargain with Maggie going to Zaire and Gordon returning to London. They return to the shop to fetch Megan's umbrella and find Mavis in a state of undress with Jerry. Telegrams are read from the Bishops and Jacko Ford while Minnie cries on cue. Hilda makes Stan dance with her. Alf stays drinking until closing time. The Cookes say their goodbyes. Gordon promises to stay in Weatherfield to see to the shop sale. Ray reminds a half-cut Stan that it's his court appearance tomorrow and he may be sent down.


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