Betty fusses over Maggie who is in a state of panic. As Ray and Jerry put up the tables in the Community Centre, Hilda cleans the floor and Deirdre prepares the flowers. Ron goes to collect George Farmer, his best man, from the station. Betty helps Maggie pack her household items for the trip to Zaire after the wedding. Mavis is embarrassed when changing her dress in the Corner Shop back room and Gordon walks in on her. Len kids a gullible Deirdre that George is a rich man. Maggie wonders if Gordon still has a thing for Lucille. The Hopkins family view the shop but Vera isn't keen, feeling that it's too small and pokey. Betty recognises her as the woman who Annie rowed with the previous September when an underage Tricia was caught drinking in the Rovers. She tells Annie they could be the new owners. Rita and Bet plan a hen night for Maggie. Len and Ray enjoy introducing Deirdre to George. The Hopkinses brave the Rovers. Annie is cold with them and takes offence when Vera comments that underage drinkers must be in the pub all the time. Norma Ford arrives, dripping in mink, with her sugar daddy, Sidney Wilson. Maggie is delighted to see her but puzzled over her relationship with Sidney. Mavis spreads the gossip about Norma to Bet and Rita. They decide to invite her to the party to grill her but when the opportunity presents itself, Norma insists they're just good friends. Maggie is surprised by the party. Tricia tells Ray that they won't buy the shop until her gran approves it. Bet thinks George is interested in Deirdre. Norma tells Maggie she's just living for the day. Annie reveals Lucille has gone to Ireland for a break and she's not sure when she'll be back. Rita isn't pleased at the loss of her assistant. Alf is down and a little drunk. Norma reveals that she and Sidney are staying over in Manchester's Midland Hotel. Hilda and Bet get drunk at the party. Mavis gets maudlin that her New Year bet with Rita isn't going to bear fruit. Maggie looks forward to the future but Betty sheds a tear that she's going to be losing her sister.


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