Ernie tells Annie that he and Emily are going to Budleigh Salterton and will miss the wedding. Nobody believes Alf when he claims that he thought Ron's drinking problem was an open secret. Annie lets Bet away for an hour to buy a dress for the wedding but the barmaid takes most of the day. Maggie tells Gordon that Ron hasn't touched alcohol in two years. Gordon doesn't think it changes anything as Les had dry spells as well. The soldiers return to the Rovers to find out if Betty is Martin Downes's mother. Ron can't promise Gordon that he won't fall off the wagon but assures him that he's looking for a wife, not someone to look after him on the bad days. Gordon believes that he loves Maggie and gives the marriage his blessing. Martin is afraid to talk to Betty so Steve Baker does so and finds out that her maiden name was Preston, meaning she isn't Martin's mother. They're about to leave when they hear Annie refer to "Miss Lynch". Martin nervously waits for Bet to appear, knowing that she's his mum. Vera Hopkins arranges to view the Corner Shop the day before the wedding. Rita tells an enquiring Beverley Mather that Lucille is after Gordon. Beverley tells her that Gordon is taking her to the disco. Bet arrives at the Rovers and changes into her new - revealing - dress. Martin is horrified to see her being coarse with the regulars and leaves the pub without talking to her.


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  • This episode was transmitted at 6.30pm to allow for World Cup coverage.
  • Lucille Hewitt (Jennifer Moss) is credited but doesn't appear. As she appears extensively in the previous episode, it is possible that the actress's sacking from the programme took place midway through the two-day studio session which saw the recording of the two instalments.
  • The scenes on the Grape Street set were recorded on outside broadcast video.
  • TV Times synopsis: Bet comes face to face with someone from her past…
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,300,000 homes (1st place).

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Len Fairclough: “Writing to yer sailor friend, are you?”
Hilda Ogden: “No. I ought to, y'know, but I'm not the world's best co-respondent.”

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