Stan spends the night in the police station - he's been charged with speeding, DUI and driving with an out-of-date licence and his fines could top £100. He has to hitchhike home on a milk float. Ken has decided not to take the job at the warehouse. Minnie looks after him and buys his shopping for him. Jerry doesn't mind Alison staying at No.9 but Ray knows he'll have to sort it out before Len gets back. Rita is surprised to hear that Ken changed his mind based on something she said to him. Ken tells her it was a chance remark about Terry Bates not being happy at his foster home - he can't turn his back on the Terrys of the world. He's written a letter to Sir Julius Berlin turning the job down but hasn't sent it yet. Minnie collects the latest gossip to pass onto an absent Ena. Betty tells Stan he can be reported to the Health Inspector for selling manure from his backyard. Tommy and Michael plan to leave but demand compensation when Stan tells them to leave. He is forced to give them their money back and they persuade him to keep Dolores for them for a fortnight. Rita warns Ray that Len is due back tomorrow. Ken decides to take the job at the warehouse after all and hands in his resignation at Bessie Street School.


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Betty Turpin: “You can believe this or not, but even the Ogdens' is classed as residential property.”

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