Sandra Burrows turns out to be a demure woman who doesn't mind that Lucille is living with Danny. She's after maintenance money as she hasn't had anything from Danny for six weeks and was laid off from work last week. Ernie starts behaving like a tyrant and calls his cast monumentally uninteresting. Jerry moves Minnie's furniture across the road to make room for Ena's. Sandra tells Lucille that she and Danny have only been parted for six months and she'll have to wait eighteen months for a divorce; she dumped him because he didn't want children. Lucille feels sorry for her and gives her £5. Ernie takes away everyone's scripts to force them to learn the lines. Minnie is annoyed that she has to put her furniture in storage because of Ena and thinks about getting an Alsatian to put her off. Lucille looks for a commitment from Danny and asks why he lied about how long the divorce would take. When she's met with indifference, she packs and leaves. Albert gets the impression that Ena plans to move in with him. Gertie and Minnie put him right when he goes on about it. Ernie walks out of rehearsals as his cast treat the show as a big laugh. Emily takes over the production, to their delight. Lucille doesn't want Annie to know she and Danny have split so Gertie goes in to fetch Rita for her. Rita lets her stay at The Kabin flat. Ena calls Minnie at the Rovers to tell her she's staying longer in St Annes as Mr. Foster is unwell again.


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