Annie forces Jerry to rehearse with her after he fixes her kitchen sink. Danny doesn't see why he has to meet Annie as she isn't a blood relation. He feels his freedom is being curtailed but agrees for Lucille's sake. Betty tells Maggie she plans to stay at the shop until she can afford another house. Mavis is put in charge of props for the play. She takes the position very seriously. Rita collects her 50p from Mavis after winning their New Year bet. Minnie is off with everyone due to the strain of living with Ena. Annie and Billy entertain Lucille and Danny with sherry and hors d'oeuvres. Jerry panics after Annie mocks his acting and gets Rita to help him as she's a professional. Maggie asks Len for help with Betty. He can't get her a flat but offers to have a word with her. Annie invites herself round to see the bedsit. Gertie Robson has some fun with Stan, bringing up Mrs Regan but Hilda overhears and is upset by her remarks.


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