Annie and Alf's year in office finishes and they bow out as the last mayor and mayoress of the Weatherfield County Borough Council. Emily puts herself forward for Miss Prism in The Importance of Being Earnest but Ernie tells her she'll be too busy helping him to have a part. She thinks he doesn't have faith in her as he's taken a role himself. Mavis returns from Grange-over-Sands and takes a job as a vet's receptionist. Billy tells Bet that Danny Burrows is married and enlists her help in finding out whether he's told Lucille. Mavis shows interest in the play but is put off when she hears that Jerry is playing the lead. Lucille tells Bet that she sees a future in her relationship with Danny - Bet guesses she doesn't know about Danny's wife. Maggie asks Annie's help in getting Betty back at the Rovers. Annie tries to lure Betty back by telling her that she has a replacement barmaid lined up but that the job is still hers. Billy tells Lucille about Danny being married. Lucille pretends that it doesn't bother her. Minnie drinks at the Rovers without Ena as they've fallen out again. Gertie joins her. Lucille confronts Danny - he tells her he's been separated for eighteen months and has stayed married as it would be too costly to divorce. Lucille doesn't know what to do.


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Bet Lynch (about men): “Fantastic usually means they're very good looking but as thick as a plank, and groovy means they're not even much to look at but you've got your pride.”

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