Billy hears that Stuart Draper is after him and avoids the Rovers. He and Ken had a lousy night out as Ken got more miserable with every drink and they were nearly thrown out. Ken doesn't see any way to save his marriage unless Janet relents over the twins. Emily can't own up to throwing the brick as Ernie doesn't think the ends justify the means. Albert avoids Minnie as she keeps going on at him to name the day. She tracks him down and tells him she wants to marry at Easter. Maggie decides not to change the shop around as the redevelopment gave her a fright. Albert gets Jerry's advice on getting disentangled, making out it's for a friend of his. Jerry suggests he gets involved with someone else. Draper returns and doesn't believe Bet and Betty when they say Billy is out for the day. Emily is upset when everybody except Rita condemns the brick-thrower. Rita tells her the brick had no effect on Len's decision. Draper tells Annie that Billy is a cheat and a fraud as the car he bought off him for £1,100 was an insurance write-off worth £400. Billy assures Annie that he didn't cheat Draper and promises to sort it out in the morning. Emily anonymously puts £5 through Len's letterbox to pay for the new window. He doesn't want it and returns it to Emily, asking her to give it to charity. Minnie admits to Ena that she's only marrying Albert for financial reasons. Ena tells her she'll get less money if she's married and suggests she jilts Albert. After a date, Len proposes and Rita accepts, giving him back The Kabin.


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Minnie Caldwell: “I would recognise your cap anywhere Albert Tatlock, you've 'ad it that long it's become part of yer face.”

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