Len and Alf await the planning meeting where the Street's fate will be decided. Jerry calls Len a sellout. Len thinks the residents are afraid of progress. Alf is prepared to declare Len's interests before the committee if he has to. Janet stops cooking Ken's meals. Ena tries to discourage Minnie from marrying Albert. The Gazette only has a short article on the protest by the action group and only gives the petition a cursory mention. The residents feel no one cares. Emily is furious and throws a brick through Len's window as he's preparing to set off for the Town Hall. She's frozen to the spot afterwards but Len and Ray blame it on some children and don't give her a second glance. The redevelopment plan is thrown out by the committee. Alf announces the result in the Rovers and reveals that Len voted against it and even swayed some others. Len plants the gift-wrapped brick on the bar and thanks whoever threw it. Ena tells Albert and Minnie that they have no excuse not to name the day now that the Street isn't coming down. Janet makes Ken a special meal but he thinks she's just cooking for herself and goes out with Billy. She pours it into the bin and throws the recipe book at a chair in frustration. A nervous man called Stuart Draper turns up and tells Bet he's not leaving until he's seen Billy.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Why does Emily resort to violence - and will she be found out?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,050,000 homes (5th place).

Notable dialogue

Minnie Caldwell: “If you stood 'ere and raised your voice, you'd be 'eard in everywhere I've ever lived, and it's all got to go.”

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