Ken spends the night on the sofa. He rips up the brochure. Janet hides the blankets under the sofa when Albert visits. Len is not bothered by the Street action committee at all. Alf calls him hard-faced. The Bishops start the petition against Len. They're prepared to demand a full public enquiry if necessary. Billy signs the petition when the residents pressure him. Ena thinks Albert is having doubts about marrying Minnie when he puts the wedding off because of the redevelopment. Billy decides not to sell the garage to Douglas Wormold. Hilda takes hers and Stan's names off the petition when Billy points out that they'll profit from selling their house. Rita still refuses to sell The Kabin. Len knows that without its sale he won't make any profit from selling No.9 and the yard. Ernie takes a picture of Bet holding up the petition for tomorrow's Gazette. Cyril Turpin has advised Maggie to sell the shop to Wormold. She refuses to sign the petition, which reaches 100 names in one hour. Everyone is surprised when Len drinks at the Rovers. Janet makes up the spare room for Ken. Len tells Rita to choose between him and The Kabin. She picks The Kabin.


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  • This is the final episode to be written by Leo Knowles under his pen-name of "Bernard Aspen". Future contributions were written under his real name.
  • TV Times synopsis: What is the ultimatum that Len puts to Rita?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,850,000 homes (7th place).
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