Albert believes that the children in hospital like hearing his war stories but Betty points out that they're in bed and can't get away. Albert scolds Alan for not visiting Mark Hillkirk. Alan blames himself for causing Mark's accident. Judge Carson reveals the case is over as someone from the yard has paid in the VAT money owing. Len and Ray want the case to go on as they don't feel that Customs and Excise are entitled to the money but the sum has already been accepted. The men realise that Jerry paid the debt and are furious. Len accuses Jerry of buying his way back into the firm but he insists that he did so as they were being pig-headed and stood no chance of winning. Ray admits he's relieved that he won't have to go to jail. Jerry refuses to let them repay him. Mavis reveals to Jerry that The Kabin has been transferred into Rita's name. Ken and Janet go house-hunting. Janet turns down an affordable semi before they've even gone inside as it's too small. Ray decides to put £200 into the firm and asks Len to do the same by selling The Kabin. Jerry makes Len admit that it's no longer his to sell. Ray, Jerry and Rita turn on him for selfishly protecting his investment. Alan gives Mark a toy car and meets his mother, who doesn't bear him any grudges. Janet wants to go for a £12,500 detached house. Ken tells her it's £2,000 over what he can afford. He refuses to live in a stately home and starve. Mr Wormold puts the rent on No.1 and No.5 up 50p a week. Janet reveals she has £1,500 saved. Ken agrees to see the house properly. Len packs and leaves the area.


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  • The exteriors of the houses viewed by Ken and Janet Barlow in this episode were recorded on Outside Broadcast video.
  • TV Times synopsis: Mavis lets a cat out the bag - and starts a chain reaction of rows.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,600,000 homes (4th place).
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