Emily is put out when Ernie's French is better than hers. Stan, René Dubois and Marcel Lebeque start a poker game at the Rovers but Bet beats them. She goes to bed while they play on. Albert thinks Alf is keeping him away from the Frenchmen so he won't offend them. Marcel spends the night on No.13's floor after passing out. Janet talks Ken into going to see a £10,000 house. Bet guesses Marcel is happily married but allows the regulars to fantasise about their night together. Alf introduces Albert to the Frenchmen. Albert is annoyed when they desert him right away. Janet is confident Ken will be a headmaster and tells him they'll need to pay more than £10,000 for a good house. The French return to Charleville. Betty embarrasses Bet by giving her Marcel's cufflinks which were found on No.13's floor. Ray and Len prepare for court.


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  • TV Times synopsis: What happens to wreck Bet's romantic interlude with Marcel?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,400,000 homes (15th place). This episode was transmitted on the day that Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips. The BBC showed a one-hour, ten minute programme of edited highlights of the ceremony at 7.00pm opposite this edition of Coronation Street reducing the viewing figures from the normal level that the programme enjoyed at the time.
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