Len and Ken are at daggers drawn. To everyone's surprise, Len asks Ken for a private word and they take their business to No.9. Ken convinces Len that there was nothing between him and Rita, and that he was just lonely and found her easy to talk to. He tells Len to trust her. Rita can't get the necklace off Mavis. Deirdre thinks about quitting the yard because of what happened with Len and Ray. Len and Ken get drunk together. Rita is amazed when Janet tells her that Ken and Len went away to fight. Jerry sees the necklace on Mavis and assumes a man gave it to her. Rita and Janet check on the men and find them blitzed. Janet walks out when Len tells her about Ken and Rita. Ena tries to get Ernie to reclaim the keys to the Community Centre from Minnie. Len and Ken crash out in No.9's back room. In the morning, Len unfastens the necklace for Mavis. Ernie convinces Ena and Minnie to work together while Minnie fulfils her obligation. Weatherfield Plastics still owes the yard £2,000. Rita invites Len for an intimate dinner but he drags along Ken and Janet to get everyone to make peace. They all have a good time. Ken tells Janet he wants Peter and Susan to meet her.


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