Rita still hasn't forgiven Len, even when Elsie tells her about him jumping into the canal. Len agrees to give Deirdre three months' probation when Jerry also threatens to leave the yard. Stan melts his pipe when he boils it to get the tar out. Elsie tells Lucille she's been asked to set up Mark Brittain's new branch in Newcastle. Janet is amused by Ken's attempt to change a flat tyre. They realise they're each what they're looking for. Elsie tells Alan about the job offer after turning it down. Alan knows she wants it and convinces her to accept, telling her she'll see what the true north is like. Hilda goes off the idea of a villa in Spain, taking up Stan's suggestion of a caravan in Blackpool which he meant as a joke. Lucille starts smoking again. The syndicate refuse to give up smoking for Blackpool. Ray tells Len that Janet is around. Len says she's in the past. Rita arrives at the yard to make up with Len and overhears Ray telling him about her and Ken. Len hits Ray when he says that Rita is anybody's for a laugh. As a fight starts, Rita manages to slip away without anyone seeing her.


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Len Fairclough: "I thought Stan Ogden would have been back here by now, or Hilda running the canteen that you've built. Or what about Albert Tatlock being a nightwatchman?"
Hilda Ogden: "Oh Stan, you've never..."
Stan Ogden: "What?"
Hilda Ogden: "You've women's libbed me, cooked a meal."
Stan Ogden: "Well, not exactly, no..."
Hilda Ogden: "You 'ave. By the smell of it it's summat Spanish. What is it?"
Stan Ogden: "It's me pipe. I'm boiling it to get the tar out, y'know."

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