Ken and Rita flirt across The Kabin counter and he agrees to see her in the Rovers at lunchtime. Elsie tells Rita they've had a postcard from Len. Maggie advises Norma to get things off her chest. Emily offers to put Albert's name into a draw for a free holiday in Wales. He grumpily agrees. She's also arranging a women's charity sponsored swimming contest in aid of the Weatherfield Darby and Joan Club and wonders if Jerry could get Mavis to take part. Norma watches with resentment as Ken and Rita chat in the Rovers. Minnie congratulates an uncomprehending Mavis on taking part in the swim. She's appalled when Jerry tells her he's entered her for the event. She cries and tells him to leave and never come back. He goes to Rovers and drowns his sorrows in a pint, telling Bet and Betty his troubles. Bet points out that the poster tells the girls to wear their briefest bikinis and Jerry realises his mistake. He rushes to see Emily and asks if the rules can be stretched so that Mavis could wear a one-piece swimsuit. Norma is short with Ken in the Corner Shop. Jerry tells Norma that it's good to be honest with people and not take them for granted. He calls on Mavis and apologises for organising her. He tells her about the rule change and she's pleased enough to agree to enter but becomes nervous again when she realises that people will sponsor her and she can't let them down. Norma calls on Ken. In front of Albert, she tells him he used her: he's selfish and she wonders what Peter and Susan think of him always putting himself first.


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