Jack is feeling lethargic after scoffing three pounds of potatoes. Annie stirs him into action when she finds him dozing off two minutes before opening time. Lucky Lolita hasn't won a race since her debut. Frank asks Ken about his half-day but Ken remains tight-lipped about his activities. The residents are shocked when Annie entertains Ken in the Rovers. Ken asks Annie for background material for a novel he's considering writing about three boys growing up in a back street, one of whom is the son of a publican. Annie leaves Jack on his own behind the bar while she obliges Ken. Jack collapses behind the bar. Harry helps the barely conscious landlord to his feet. Afterwards, Jack dismisses it as a dizzy spell but Annie thinks it's serious and demands that he see Dr Graham the following morning. In the meantime, she doesn't let him do an ounce of work. Len takes Jack to the surgery in his van. Ken decides to go ahead with the novel and tells Frank and Albert, requesting their expert knowledge on the history of the local area and post office. Annie blames herself for Jack's collapse, fearing the worst. Concepta takes charge of her as she breaks down. Dr Graham clears Jack; he'd only overeaten. Jack expects Annie to accuse him of putting it on but she thinks he's lying to save her feelings.


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Ena Sharples (after Jack Walker collapses): "By gum, that took me back a bit. That's just the way Mr. Sharples went."

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