Alan has a cut head. Elsie thinks they should be honest with everyone but Alan won't give the Ogdens the satisfaction. Stan has a black eye. Deirdre puts some feminine touches in the yard's office and makes things more efficient. Rita tells Mavis that she entertained Ken to dinner the previous night when she finds his cufflink. Deirdre forces Ray and Jerry to finish their lunch on time and return to work. The Ogdens brave the Rovers. Annie refuses to serve them but, in front of them, tells Alan that she admires him for his actions. Rita invites Ken to cook her a meal at The Kabin flat. Ena correctly guesses that Annie knows more about Elsie's business in London than she's letting on. Mavis gossips about Ken and Rita in the Corner Shop. Norma is hurt. Deirdre promises a dissatisfied customer that their service will improve from now onwards. Norma breaks down in tears. Annie calls on the Howards. Billy has sent her a London newspaper clipping about Dennis Tanner. She assures her that no one else will see the cutting and she won't say anything. She understands that Elsie's feelings as a mother are more important than Alan's pride over the gossip. She agrees to Alan's request not to bar the Ogdens. Ken buys a bottle of wine from the Rovers in front of an upset Norma. Annie summons the Ogdens and tells them they are not barred. She announces that she will ask anyone to leave who spreads any rumours from now onwards. Ray and Jerry return to a spic and span office and congratulate Deirdre on her efforts. Mavis tells Jerry that she's worried what Len will think if he finds out about Ken and Rita. As the couple enjoy their evening, Norma tells Maggie that she's going to tell Ken what she thinks of him.


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