Annie can't get through to the Town Hall and stop Alf from resigning. Alan rings Maggie from London and tells her that Elsie is making progress but they're keeping her in for the time being. Hilda continues to upset the neighbours with her insinuations about Elsie. Len isn't bothered about Alf's problems. At the Town Hall, Alf is kept waiting for Vernon Fletcher, the clerk to the council. Len has to go to a council meeting about a trip to France and offers to give Alf the good news. Mr Fletcher can't be found in the building. Ray moans in The Kabin about Len's trip to France. Rita is furious that she was kept in the dark. Mr Fletcher arrives at his office. Alf resigns and tells his story to him as Len strolls nonchalantly to the Town Hall. Mr Fletcher understands Alf's reasons though he wished he'd given him the chance to help him. He tells Alf there are ten minutes before the meeting at which he has to proffer his resignation. Norma has taken time off to have her hair done before a date at the ballet with Ken but Maggie worries that he'll hurt her. Fletcher alerts the press to a statement that will be issued later. Rita looks for Len. Jerry starts to lose his patience with Ray at the state of the office at the yard and suggests they need a secretary. Rita is livid about Len and insists on closing the shop early. She breaks down as Mavis tries to comfort her. They agree to go out on the town together. Alf returns to the Rovers with the news that Vernon rang the police superintendent himself and heard about the guilty plea from Norman Leach. The regulars tell him that Len should have passed on the news. Alf is livid at the betrayal and Rita overhears him.


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Notable dialogue

Bet Lynch: "It’s our role in life is that - making fellers perfect for ourselves."


Hilda Ogden: "There’s days I could leave you."
Stan Ogden: "An’ there's days when I’d flippin’ let you!"

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