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The warehouse get onto Alan about Elsie's whereabouts. He finds out that she only asked for one day off work. Len believes that Elsie would have been straight with Alan if she was leaving him and wouldn't have left her clothes behind. Ken takes Elaine to a cricket match. Alan gives Elsie's description to the police and asks that she be reported as a missing person. They refuse as she went of her own free will. In London, Elsie is still unconscious but mutters some words in her sleep - "double glazing", "Pentonville", and "Dennis Tanner". The nurses pass this information onto WPC Tomlin. Albert feels lonely as Ken spends so much time with Elaine. Hilda assumes that Elsie has left Alan and starts spreading rumours. Len reminds her that she went missing herself once. The police in London get onto Sgt Daniels in Weatherfield after identifying Elsie. Ken doesn't enjoy the match as Elaine neglects him to chat with friends at the club. They have to cut their outing short when it starts pouring. PC Thompson tells Alan where Elsie is. Len drives him to the train station to join her. At the hospital, he's told that Elsie isn't making much progress and he'll have to be patient.


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  • Voice clips are played over the scene of Alan Howard on the train to London as he thinks back on his last conversation with Elsie, Len Fairclough joking that Elsie had run off with the milkman, and Sgt Daniels telling him that 75,000 women walk out on their husbands each year.
  • TV Times synopsis: The police have news for Alan about Elsie
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,800,000 homes (1st place).

Notable dialogue

Hilda Ogden: "Elsie Tanner's heart is where a fella's wallet is - and the bigger the wallet, the more heart she's got."

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