When she hears Elsie is away, Annie asks Lucille to move back to the Rovers. She uses Alan as an intermediary as she knows Lucille won't listen to her if she asks her personally. Alan is offended that she doesn't trust him to be alone with Lucille. Lucille refuses so Norma volunteers to stay at No.11 with them both. Elsie arrives at Ernie Sutton's house and he tells her that Dennis has been in prison for a week. Elsie is ashamed of Dennis, who was involved in a double glazing scam. Ernie defends him, believing that he was led on and left to carry the can. Wilfred Perkins entertains the staff of Bessie Street School at his home and Ken takes a fancy to his daughter Elaine. Len is annoyed when he makes a date with Rita only for her to take him to meet her old maiden aunt who is stone deaf. Ernie tells Elsie that Jenny Tanner refuses to see her now that she's left Dennis. Lucille and Norma plan a welcome home and wedding anniversary party for Elsie and suggest Alan invites Deirdre. This puts him off the idea but they decide to throw the party anyway. Elsie goes to Pentonville to visit her son.


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  • The scene of Elsie arriving at Pentonville Prison was the only location filming done this episode; Wilfred Perkins and Ernie Sutton's houses as well as the train carriage were studio sets. The scene of Elsie journeying to London marked a rare use of chroma key in the programme to insert the view from the windows of the carriage. At one point in the scene, the scenery abruptly changes from countryside to a town.
  • TV Times synopsis: Elsie arrives, and walks into trouble.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,300,000 homes (2nd place).
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