Alf tells the police everything, but Norman Leach has already been arrested - his fingerprints were on the bag. Bet is annoyed that the Gazette printed an unflattering photo of her and her full name, which she hates. Det Insp Brewster tells Alf that he blackmailed himself; the courts would see Leach's demand for money as an offer to settle out of court. Nevertheless, he uses it as leverage with Leach, inviting him to plead guilty to assault to save him from dredging the whole thing up. Alan looks forward to his third wedding anniversary. Elsie tells him that Sheila Crossley wants her to visit her in Sheffield and she's leaving today. Leach refuses to plead guilty to either mugging or blackmail. Mavis has a terrible time with the budgie; it escaped the cage and she had to get the man from next door to get it down from the ceiling. Elsie uses the phone in The Kabin to book a train. Alf contemplates resigning but Maggie, Annie and Bet talk him out of it, urging him not to give Leach the satisfaction. Bet says she won't give evidence if he resigns. Alan sees Elsie off at the station but unknown to him, she catches a train to London, not Sheffield.


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  • The Ticket Collector was credited in TV Times but not on-screen.
  • Bet's full name is given as Teresa Elizabeth Lynch when the police interview Alf. This is confirmed by Bet later in the episode when she tells Annie she used to be teased for her name. By the time Bet became Rovers landlady in 1985, her name had been changed to Elizabeth Teresa Lynch.
  • The end credits are played over a location shot of the platform at Piccadilly Station, and Elsie Howard boarding her train for London Euston.
  • TV Times synopsis: Elsie leaves town - but just where is she going?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,900,000 homes (7th place).

Notable dialogue

Hilda Ogden: "What about all them that has their brass paid into the Cavemen Islands?"

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