Bet has been taken to hospital though no one knows the extent of her injuries. Ena breaks the news to the residents in the Corner Shop that she's just seen her coming back, driven to the Rovers in an ambulance. Battered and bruised, Glyn Thomas is happy to have her stay and Lucille has made a bed up for her. She was mugged of her £75. Ena takes Emily to task for suggesting the root cause of such occurrences is unemployment. Minnie excitedly reports to Ena that Annie has returned in a cab. In the pub, Annie is shocked to learn what has happened to Bet. Clive Shawcross of the Gazette interviews the Ogdens. Hilda over-dramatises the events and talks up their own involvement. Annie tends gently to a grateful Bet, telling her that as far as she is concerned Glyn is in charge of the pub. Det-Sgt Brewster investigates the crime and interviews Bet. She tells him she didn't see who attacked her. He is interested in the syndicate payout, where it took place and who knew about it. Annie asks Alf to get Ethel Bostock to carry on deputising for her for the next few days. Brewster finds out from Lucille that Stan received nothing in the payout. Annie isn't bothered that drinks are being served in plastic glasses or any of Glyn's other changes. Norma overhears Annie telling the brewery on the phone she's leaving. Brewster interviews Stan and Hilda. He finds out that Stan was absent for fifteen minutes from the chip shop to go to the off-licence. Annie visits Patrick Ridley who tells her she's making the wrong decision and persuades her to take a few more days to think it over. Stan goes for Ray when he drops hints that he did it. No one else is amused. Annie tells Glyn she's still thinking matters over but admits to Lucille that she is retiring to Derby but asks her to keep it quiet. Lucille goes straight to Ena and tells her, asking her to do something. Bet suspects Norman Leach of attacking her and Brewster tells her they'll need to know the whole story from her.


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