Ray is hungover after celebrating his pools win on his own. He tells Len, Rita and Jerry that none of the other syndicate paid in their stakes. Maggie tells Bet what Ray told her but Bet doesn't take the comment seriously. Glyn takes Betty to task for disparaging the fruit machine and threatens to replace her. Bet tells her to be careful as Glyn told her Annie might not be returning. Rita tells the Howards about Ray's comments. Elsie panics when she hears that Stan was responsible for handing the money over. Hilda continues to dream as Stan continues to worry. Alan calls on him and Stan lies, assuring him that the stake money was paid over. Hilda remembers her tea leaf prediction. Jerry and Mavis make a date for the pictures. Rita thinks Ray's threats are serious. Glyn hires a pop group to play in the select. Ken and Albert aren't pleased. Ray turns up in the Rovers and tells Bet and Alan they're getting nothing. Things get heated between Ray and Alan but Ray stands his ground and tells him to take it up with Stan. Jerry is annoyed by Ray's suggestive talk to Mavis and demands Len has a word with him. Albert makes a formal complaint to Len about the group in the pub. Stan continues to lie to Alan and Bet. Hilda thinks it's a ruse of Ray's to coin all the money. Rita asks Jerry to speak to Mavis as she continues to hide all the copies of Playboy from the customers. Len isn't pleased at the loud music or the hippy youths who turn up to hear it. He leans on Glyn to quieten things down or the licence might not be renewed. Elsie and Hilda want to go to solicitors to get their money. Stan confesses and tells Hilda he spent Alan and Bet's money and didn't hand it over. She tears up and tells him she's ashamed of him.


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Rita Littlewood: "Jerry'll tell a lie to save somebody else's feelings. Ray'll tell one to get what he wants. Often enough it can be the same lie. Then again, there are days when what Ray says Ray means - as I think people round here are gonna find out."

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