Rita kids on to Mavis to be wary of Len and Ray before she goes to Sunday tea at No.9. Ray is deliriously happy at his pools win. Elsie nags Alan to trim his moustache. Hilda checks their pools coupon and realises the syndicate has 23 points. Stan looks concerned. Elsie messes up Alan's moustache and cuts it too closely. Stan tries to give his, Bet and Alan's pools money to Len without saying what it is but it's waved aside. Ken tells Glyn that he disapproves of the fruit machine that's been installed in the public. Hilda tells a stunned Bet that the syndicate's win has come up. Ray takes a girl out in the park. Rita does Mavis's makeup before sending her off for her meal. Alan has to shave all of his moustache off. Albert wins tokens off the fruit machine and can't get them exchanged for cash. He has no housekeeping money left and pushes Alan and Ken to exchange them for cash. Jerry is on pins as Mavis comes round. She tries to get Len to stay with them as a chaperone but fails. Hilda annoys Elsie playing loud rumba music. She calls round to row with her and hears about the syndicate win. She counsels caution until they know exactly how much the win is. Mavis and Jerry enjoy their meal. He pleases her when he tells her he hopes her parents get used to the idea of not seeing her every Sunday. The syndicate dream of their riches. Glyn tells Betty not to underestimate him on his plans for the Rovers. Ray tells Maggie and Norma that as his was the only syndicate money that was paid over, he's keeping all of the winnings.


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