Mavis gets embarrassed when Rita teases her about Jerry. Hilda asks in The Kabin for a pattern for a ballroom dress. Mavis suggests she designs her own and Hilda is taken with the idea. Rita tells Len that she and Mavis will do the early morning papers each day, bar Sunday, if they get a pay rise. Glyn confirms to Bet that there is a possibility that Annie will give up the Rovers and he might take over. Lucille writes to Annie about how Glyn upset Minnie. He asks Lucille to apologise to Minnie on his behalf and to call in for a drink on the house. Hilda draws up her own design. She wants a tailor's dummy to make it with but Stan is appalled at the £4 price. She gives him the money to get a postal order to send off for one. Jerry gets annoyed again at the state of No.9 and that he can't get the house to himself to bring Mavis round that Saturday night. He arranges to meet with her the next night instead. On the Sunday morning, Stan returns with an old tailor's dummy he's bought from Tommy Deakin claiming he paid £1 for it. Jerry cleans the house out. Lucille lets slip that Tommy offered her the dummy for 25p and Hilda realises that Stan's conned her. Jerry loses his temper with Len and Ray and tells them to stay out of the way that night. Minnie refuses to accept Glyn's apology. Glyn tells George Bolton of Newton & Ridley that he had ideas to modernise the pub. Ray checks his pools coupon and thinks he's won big.


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