Hilda sees the dark man again in the teacups. Stan asks her for a borrow but she has no spare change. Bet fusses over getting Glyn his dinner. He makes enquiries from Betty about how interested Billy would be in returning to the Rovers and whether that means Annie would carry on as landlady in his absence. Len and Rita look for paperboys to start deliveries from The Kabin. A shy Jerry asks Mavis round to No.9 to watch television one night. Glyn successfully gets Bet and Betty to push the darts players to order more drinks. Jerry gets tired of the noise, mess and general laziness from Len and Ray in No.9. Betty chats to Minnie in the bar who tells her about Jackie Rigby who used to live at No.9. Glyn gently tells Minnie off for distracting his staff and upsets her. She walks out of the pub in high dudgeon. Albert complains at the lack of books available from The Kabin's lending library. Lucille gives Alan's pools money to Stan to pass on to Ray. She then finds Minnie upset on the bench. She tells her about Glyn and how she's missing Ena. Lucille goes to have it out with Glyn but gets nowhere with him. She's furious with him when he says that the bad habits in the pub came from Annie's ways and she knows well what it was to suffer those. Bet also gives Stan her pools money. Jerry asks Len and Ray to give him one free night in the house so he can bring someone home. The wholesalers say that they can deliver early papers for the home deliveries at 5.30am. Rita refuses to get up at that time and says Len can do it. Stan doesn't hand the pools money over to Ray when he calls. Betty is appalled at the state of the back room in the Rovers. She warns Lucille that Glyn's getting his feet under the table.


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