In her role as Mayoress of Weatherfield, Annie prepares herself to meet Princess Alexandra at the official opening of the Manchester Festival. She denies that she's nervous at the prospect and gets annoyed at Hilda who can see that she's still upset at Billy's departure. The residents clear the Community Centre hall after the Festival day. Stan drops a trestle table on Jerry's foot. Ena questions Ken who assures her that he has no intentions on Faye-Marie. Alf thinks Annie should go and stay with Joan for a while. Alf and Annie leave for the ceremony, leaving Bet with an unstocked bar. Elsie's annoyed when Alan offers to help her bring crates up from the cellar, telling him that it's Annie's problem. Ena questions Faye-Marie about the state of her marriage and her attraction for Ken. She suggests that Ena tell her husband if she's that concerned. Ernie and Emily give the Schofields an album of photographs as a leaving present. Ena summons Tom who assures her that Faye-Marie just likes to meet people. Annie enjoys her day. She thanks Alf for his support and friendship and promises to think about taking a break. She rings George Bolton at the brewery. Ray starts a summer pools syndicate, with Bet, Alan and Stan for 25p each, four numbers each, sticking to the same sixteen all season. Tom thanks Ken for looking after his wife so well. The Schofields leave with the present of a pot cat from Minnie and a Lowry print from Ena. Jerry tells Len that Rita is overriding his decisions about changes to the shop. Mr Bolton visits Annie. He promises to find her a relief manager while she takes a break but is shocked when she tells him that she might never return.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Who needs marriage guidance - and who's dishing it out?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,700,000 homes (2nd place).
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