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Ena is in a foul mood after being caught drinking alcohol by Mr. Baxter. Minnie and Martha find her cleaning the mission from top to bottom the morning after the party. Ena takes her friends to task for not offering to help her. Elsie wishes that Dennis would learn a trade. Dennis argues that he's providing an essential service by entertaining people. The Glad Tidings committee thinks about putting on a variety concert for the Over 60's Club. Dennis agrees to help Albert plan the event. Concepta tells Annie that Harry has stopped running around after her. Dennis books Captain Johnson and his Troupe for the concert. Annie doesn't like Dennis monopolising the Rovers phone and makes Jack have a word. Dennis gets the wrong idea and thinks Jack is being nosy. Minnie and Martha hear him tell Jack about the concert. Martha assumes that Ena already knows but the lady in question is surprised when she asks her about it. Elsie starts looking favourably on Dennis's career choice. She realises she's forgotten her own birthday when Ena mentions that it's on the same day as Colin Lomax's. Ena refuses to allow the concert at the mission and tells Dennis it's off. Minnie and Martha rebel against Ena and Martha calls her evil for upsetting everyone. The committee gives their permission for the concert. Ena is furious to learn that she's been overruled. She warns Albert and Dennis that it'll end in disaster.


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