Minnie plans to take Bobby on the trip to Woburn Abbey but Ena refuses to let her. Annie tries to back off the inaugural dinner of the Manchester Festival committee, citing personal reasons, but won't tell Alf why. Betty tells him that Billy's involved and he demands to know from Annie what's going on. She tells him about the £200 loss through gambling. She can make good the money but worries what the brewery say if they find out and their reputation as mayor and mayoress should the news get out. Alf recommends she sack Billy as manager. Ray arranges a "no strings attached" date with Norma. She asks Ken for a seat on the coach to Woburn Abbey and is disappointed to find out he's not going. She thinks he fancies Faye-Marie. A furious Annie confronts Billy about his theft and lies. She's horrified to find out that he's dipped into the Rovers' account in the past. She demands he returns the chequebook and refuses to talk to him further. The next day, Ken takes Faye-Marie to Bessie Street School. Tom tells Ena that he and Faye-Marie have an "open" marriage. Billy tries to apologise again to Annie but she's still upset and tells him he's no longer manager. Betty will take his place instead. She tells him all she wants want him is to feel proud of him. Faye-Marie gives her talk to Ken's pupils. Billy wishes Betty good luck. Hilda refuses to let Stan take any crates on the coach. Annie decides not to go to Woburn. Alf tells Billy not to let Annie blame herself and to get her to join the trip. Faye-Marie persuades Ken to go on the trip. Ray tells Norma that Walter Biddulph is selling his newsagents/cafe shop and he's interested in it. Billy tells Annie he's at rock bottom but is going to have a new start. She agrees to go to Woburn. He begs her to forget what he's done.


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