Albert and Jerry have returned from their Pennine Way walk and Ray blames Jerry's nosebleeds on his exertions. Stan asks for assistance in clearing out No.13 before the council men arrive to fumigate, and Jerry and Lucille agree to help. Albert boasts about his physical prowess but is vague about how much of the walk they actually completed. Lucille is appalled at the state of No.13's kitchen as there is days' worth of washing-up outstanding. Nellie Harvey calls to see Annie but she's not back from Derby yet. She's angling for an invitation to the mayoral ceremony. The fumigators turn up and tell Stan they'll be a couple of hours at their task. He hopes they'll be finished before Hilda returns from Archie's. Norma asks that the fumigators' van is moved from outside the Corner Shop and they park it in front of the warehouse. Ken is dubious about Albert's walking boasts. Hilda returns and is stunned when Arthur, the fumigator, answers the door. Annie also returns and Nellie presents her with a brooch from the Lady Victuallers to mark her inauguration as mayoress. Hilda is mortified about the fumigators. Nellie pushes for an invite but Annie resists her. Betty feels sorry for Hilda. Ray pushes a nervous Billy for £5 that he's owed. Billy promises to get it for him. He asks Maggie to cash him a cheque and ends up borrowing the money from Alf. The fumigators tell Stan and Hilda they've finished and comment that the case was easily done as it was reported early. Hilda starts to wonder who by. Lucille is shocked to find out from Billy that it was Elsie who reported No.13. Hilda bursts into the shop and accuses Maggie. She denies it being her. Hilda senses malice behind the report and threatens to swing for whoever it was. Elsie tells Betty she has no regrets about what she did.


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Stan Ogden: "The world's always picking on me."

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