Jerry repairs Annie's tape recorder to assist her with her voice lessons. Elsie doesn't think Maggie would fare any better in America than she did. Mike tells Len his widow in the States wants him back. Emily is disdainful towards Rita when she works at the Camera Shop but Rita helps her realise she has no reason to feel jealous. Maggie rows with Norma when she insinuates that she isn't being fair to Alf. A problem arises with the decorations at the Rovers but Annie is too busy with her elocution lessons to speak to Jerry. Sybil Cudlipp criticises Annie for gesturing too much when giving speeches. Mike tells Maggie he's going back to the States tonight as he belongs there. She hopes he'll take her with him but when he says that people belong where their roots are, she realises he's giving her the push. He leaves without telling her the real reason he's going back, causing her to assume that Alf influenced him. Annie gets tired of Sybil finding fault and tells her that she doesn't need any more elocution lessons. She offers to recommend her to her "good friend" Nellie Harvey. Emily sees that she's been acting childishly and makes peace with Ernie. Annie receives a letter from the Town Hall telling her to expect a visit from the retiring Mayoress. She's horrified to discover the living room is in the middle of redecoration.


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  • The end credits play over the last scene of the empty half-decorated Rovers' back room.
  • TV Times synopsis: Lessons for Annie - and a letter for Mike.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,405,000 homes (3rd place).

Notable dialogue

Maggie Clegg: “I'm cautious, yes. I've learned to be the hard way.”

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