Elsie and Norma try to find out how Maggie feels about Mike. Mike confides in Len that he's in love with a widow in the States but is waiting for her to say "yes". Albert wears sunglasses in the Rovers as he thinks the new decor is too brightly-coloured. Jerry hates doing all the work himself, with Annie preparing herself for an elocution lesson from Sybil Cudlipp. Rita starts as a rep for Ernie. Emily thinks she's the wrong person to promote the child portraits and will bring in the wrong sort of trade. Alf taunts Mike in the Rovers for the Americans' late entry to the war. Everyone thinks he is out of order. A letter arrives for Mike from Wichita. Sybil Cudlipp arrives for Annie's lesson. Annie finds her breathing lessons pointless and doesn't like the way Sybil treats her like a beginner. Bet eavesdrops on their lesson and struggles to contain her laughter. Rita proves her worth by getting six orders with eight possibles. Emily is dismissive, thinking most of them will change their minds. Ernie tells Rita he can't pay her commission until the money is in the bank. Mike takes Maggie to a restaurant in Derbyshire. Maggie hands the letter to Mike, unaware that he's awaiting a reply from his love in Wichita.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Two men after one woman - and two women after one job!
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,074,000 homes (5th place).

Notable dialogue

Norma Ford: “She's funny, Maggie, she can be walking on air and still have her feet firmly on the ground.”

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