Annie won't come out of her bedroom while decorating of the Rovers proceeds, albeit slowly. Rita can't find another job. Billy makes a joke about her working with Ernie but Len takes it seriously. Alf worries about Mike Ritchie. Elsie and Alan aren't talking to each other and Lucille is caught in the middle, passing on messages. Mike gives Ernie a load of films to develop but Ernie is still depressed about the business. Len suggests that Rita could work for him as a model but is refused. Maggie makes Elsie think that Alan could be innocent of wrongdoing. Maggie refuses Mike's offer of lunch but asks him to tell Elsie the truth of what happened at the party. He agrees. Norma tells Maggie that she always puts the shutters up any time a man shows an interest in her. Lucille asks Jerry to speak with Elsie. He reluctantly agrees. Alf bickers with Mike in the pub about life in the United States. Ena tells Mike that Alf is interested in Maggie. Elsie invites Mike and Maggie to supper. Jerry tells Elsie the truth about events and she allows Alan to tell her his side. Annie tells Betty that she's called in an elocution teacher for public speaking lessons. Ernie takes Rita on as a roving photographer, contacting people who announced their babies' births in the Gazette six months before and offering to photograph them. Mike tells Maggie he might not be returning to the USA. Ernie tells Emily of "his" roving idea. She thinks it's a great job for herself, not knowing that Rita has already been employed.


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