Terry Bates tells Rita they're going to put him in a home. She puts him up for the night. Beattie Pearson refuses Jerry's offer to bring Albert home in his van but she refuses. She gets £5 "compensation" out of him and demands the same every week but he refuses to sign any document promising such. Lucille tries to push Elsie into ringing up the Portsmouth number. Terry confesses he's already been taken into care. Ena overhears Beattie ordering expensive foods in the Corner Shop. Len and Ray fear they may get struck off the CORGI list of approved fitters of gas appliances. Albert comes home and gets annoyed at Beattie's fussing and the fancy food she has got in. Under pressure from Lucille, Elsie rings the number in Portsmouth and discovers a Mrs Adams lived there during the war and she is the mother-in-law of the woman on the phone. Jerry calls on Albert and Ena gets Beattie out of the way. Albert tells Jerry not to bother himself over the gassing and gives a grateful Minnie a brooch for raising the alarm. Ray tells Jerry he was barmy for giving Beattie money. Rita asks Ken for help. She tells him that Terry's run away and she wants to foster him but Ken tells her the authorities will need to be brought in as the court ordered him to be put in care after a series of incidents. Norma and Maggie are furious to hear that Beattie is draining Jerry of money and think that somebody ought to stop it. Lucille persuades the lady in Portsmouth to send an old photo of Mrs Adams to Elsie. Social worker Vincent Baxter calls on Rita to see if she's seen Terry. She lies to him, saying that she hasn't seen the lad for months. She admits to Terry that she doesn't know what's going to happen to him.


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