Elsie tries to see Alan's tattoo in a mirror but fails. Ray tells Len that Rita shouldn't be working in a sleazy place like The Capricorn but he's not interested. Beattie Pearson calls at the yard and demands compensation and treatment for Albert in a private ward. Ray and Len stand by Jerry and tell her to get a solicitor. The men give her £3 as a whip-round for Albert and Ray tells her that's all she's getting. Jerry makes an offer to Len and Ray to say the job was done as a foreigner to avoid the yard being sued but Len refuses. Hilda tries to write a play before she goes to stay with Archie Crabtree for a couple of weeks. Ken and Norma return from visiting Albert with the news that he's off the danger list. Beattie makes enquiries at the hospital about private treatment. Alf also tells Len about The Capricorn. Hilda gives her play about a gas leak to Ken to read. Lucille speculates about the number on the tattoo. Len goes to the club and takes an instant dislike to Dougie Bowker's sleaziness. Elsie and Lucille manoeuvre Alan into raising his shirt so they can read the tattoo. Dougie tells Rita to keep Len happy. She warns him that Len's a councillor. The residents offer to look after Albert in turn to avoid Beattie having to stay at No.1. Ken tells Norma the play was awful. Elsie goes to ring the Portsmouth number on the tattoo but chickens out when a woman answers. Len tries to get Rita to leave the club but she doesn't want to know and tells him to get knotted. Beattie refuses to leave No.1 until she gets compensation. Dougie demands to know from Rita what the councillor wanted with her. At home, Rita discovers Terry Bates on the doorstep waiting for her, telling her he's run away.


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