Annie thinks that Beattie Pearson is only coming to see Albert with his will in mind. Ken tells Len, Ray and Jerry that the gas pipe registered empty as there was no money in the meter and Albert later put some in to start a gas fire to get warm. Jerry discovers that Len knew that Albert had a gas meter still in the house but didn't tell him. He grows frantic and has to be calmed down but he walks out. Alf is sent to The Capricorn club on a watch committee but Len refuses to join him. Ray offers to go instead. Jerry goes to the hospital but Sister McKinley refuses him access as Albert is still too ill. Beattie's complaints and insinuations start to rile Ken. Annie visits Lucille but leaves quickly when she sees Alan shirtless. Lucille sees that he sports a tattoo on his stomach with a phone number included in the pattern when it is reflected in a mirror. Jerry is almost in tears as Norma tries to comfort him. He breaks down, convinced that he's killed Albert. Lucille tells Elsie about the phone number. Annie puts Beattie in her place when she complains about the lack of neighbourly help for her father. The residents hide Jerry's involvement from Beattie but Hilda tells her about the Gazette story. Alf and Ray discover The Capricorn has slumped, now owned by Dougie Bowker with Rita waiting on. Lucille and Elsie try to see Alan's tattoo. Dougie offers Ray and Alf access to the back room where they show blue movies but they walk out. Dougie tells Rita to be nice to two sleazy customers or she'll be sacked. Ken finds Beattie trying to find Albert's will. She tells him she knows about the faulty installation from the Gazette article and wants compensation. He blurts out that Fairclough and Langton carried out the job and she threatens action against them.


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